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David Bellion x Closed David Bellion x Closed

Close up w/ David Bellion

David Bellion is proof that you don’t always have to choose a career. The Frenchman, who hails from the south of France and is now based in Paris, was a successful football player for Manchester United and Red Star. Since then, he has turned his love of professional sports into a whole new career, from player on the pitch to creative mind behind the scenes. Today, David is Chief Creative Officer of his own agency Super Vision Office, works freelance as a global creative consultant for brands, football and basketball clubs and has even published magazines. There is virtually nothing that he is not interested in.

We immersed ourselves in David’s world, a symbiosis of sport, creativity and a lot of curiosity, and visited him in Cannes, where he grew up.

David Bellion x Closed

“I’ve always been a dreamer and always will be one.”

David Bellion x Closed
David Bellion x Closed


David, can you introduce yourself to those of us who don’t know you?

I’ve always been a dreamer and always will be one. I like to think I keep my feet firmly on the ground, but my head is always in the clouds. This mindset propelled me into a career as a professional football player in my first life, and now as a creative consultant in my second. I pour the same passion and energy into my work. I never think of myself as a footballer anymore, I just used to be one.

Can you tell us about your transition from your first to your second life?

As a footballer, despite the incredible opportunity to play the game I love, I always felt constrained by the lack of control I had over my schedule. I longed for more freedom. As a naturally curious person with interests from lifestyle to culture, music and fashion, I saw myself in roles that involved creative direction and brand management. This led me to take on the role of creative director at Parisian club Red Star, where I had previously played as a striker. In my new career, I now have the freedom to pursue all of my passions. Alongside running my own agency, I've opened a barber shop, co-founded magazines, and work as a stylist, all fueled by passion.

What’s a particularly memorable career moment you are proud of?

I had always wanted to play for Manchester United and I did! But the best feeling of my professional career so far was the moment I was able to buy my mother a new home and tell her she could quit her job because I was making enough money from kicking a football.

During your football career, you played for English clubs such as Manchester United and FC Sunderland. How different was life in England compared to France?

I started to have responsibilities when I was in England. I went there when I was 18, so I was still a child in my mind. I will always remember the warmth and love of the people in the north of England. I also met my wife in Manchester. And I think the weather suited me in a strange way, because I find the rain and the grey weather very romantic. So, I was very happy to be in a country where the weather might not be so great, which is fine for me, but the people always have a smile.

You told us that you launched two magazines. While SPORT ÉTUDE focuses on sport, TAKEAWAY is all about food. What motivated you to create these magazines, which are very different in terms of content?

One of my greatest loves has always been magazines. My mum used to drop me off at the shop where she did her grocery shopping and I would go to the comics section, sit down and read comics until my mum was done. And then as soon as I got some money from football, I used to spend so much money on magazines. I love turning the pages. A friend of mine is a photographer and film director, we both share a love for sport, imagery and culture, and out of this love the magazine Sport Étude was born. I co-founded my other print and digital magazine, TAKEAWAY, with my agency based on Joana Haddad’s idea. It is all about the chefs behind the restaurants – because food is another great love of ours!

Your agency, Super Vision Office, also offers a brand management service in the football world, providing personal styling advice or shopping for footballers. What are your first impulses to improve someone’s sense of style?

When I choose clothes, I never go for the most expensive pieces, I get the best clothes that have a sense of the athlete I am styling. It’s not a question of price or brand. It’s a question of why am I getting these clothes for this person? Why am I buying these shoes, these socks, this incense holder, these books, this perfume, or why am I associating this athlete with this designer? I create a story around it – I give them what they need and then they start to create their own vibe from there.

And how did you find your personal style? What is a must-have in your wardrobe?

I like to wear black most of the time, it’s my favourite colour. I’m not really into colours, except in the summer! My clothes are very timeless, I have a lot of thick but chic fabrics; I also like good cuts and proportions, but nothing crazy. Then I add my personal touch and it becomes my own style.

Now you live in Paris, but you grew up mostly on the Cote d’Azur in Cannes. How different is life between these two cities?

The south of France is less noisy, people are more relaxed. But the weather and the hot sun can make people less energetic. In Paris you have energy because you’re always surrounded by culture, music, art and fashion. Paris suits my lifestyle more, but it was nice growing up in the south, it’s still such a beautiful place.

What places, in the city or along the coast, would you recommend to someone visiting the area?

Le Maschou – they’ve had the same menu since 1963! That’s where I had my engagement dinner. Volupté is a tearoom in the city centre where they made great sandwiches, cakes and an amazing Moroccan tea. The restaurant L’Auberge de la Roche, in the village of Valdeblore is in the mountains, around an hour drive from Cannes. This place is out of this world. The landscape, the scenery, it’s like paradise! And I would recommend a boat trip to the Lérins islands, 15 minutes by boat from Cannes. The first island, called Sainte Marguerite, is big enough to spend a day of swimming, walking around, and going to the castle museum – make sure to have lunch at La Guérite, an amazing place founded by a great entrepreneur, called David Barocas. The second island, Saint Honorat, features a beautiful monastery where monks produce amazing wine.

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David Bellion x Closed
David Bellion x Closed

“I like to think I keep my feet firmly on the ground, but my head is always in the clouds.”

David Bellion x Closed
David Bellion x Closed